10 Ways to teach you how to take care of your wigs

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Take care of wigs

Wig plays an important role in our life, and it also make us more convenient and wonderful. But how to take care of wigs? Today let me teach you 10 ways to make your wig be beautiful.


1.       Generally don’t recommend random curls by yourself, you can ask the professionals to deal with if you really want to change the hairstyle.

2.       Except to the use of professional shampoo, you also can try to use the Fabric softener, which effect is still good.

3.       Use the special maintenance solution for the wigs before wearing to make them be smooth and prevent static electricity, also keep non-drying as well.

4.       Comb gently. Generally choose the sparse combs to brush the wigs before wearing. Meanwhile, it should be hacked in oblique.

5.       For long wig, it should be divided into several sections to comb, and starts from the bottom with light and patient.

6.       Don’t pull if the wig with a knot and is not good to comb. You should be appropriate to make a depth maintenance for it.

7.       Wig can be tied up, just can’t make too high. Because the real hair may come out if the wig is too high.  

8.       It is the normal phenomenon that a small amount of hair loss in the process of wearing.

9.       Pay attention to do not spray lots of gel and styling wax for the wig that will make it sticky. But a small amount of spraying can let the style be better.

10.   After cleaning and drying and put it in the original packaging when you do not wear.

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