[Fashion Time] Hair Color Trends In 2017

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To make yourself more beautiful in New Year

2016 is past, 2017 has arrived. Say goodbye to the past , let us change the hair color, change the mood to greet this year. But what is the hair color should we choose?

So let us know about the below 9 Hair Colors trend in 2017, and make ourselves more beautiful in this year…

1.    Steel Grey

This hair color is similar to grandmother grey, and it is popular from 2016 to 2017. And It is not required for the skin color.

2.    Milky Lavender

This hair color like the mixture of pale purple and silver. Mysterious and Elegant!

3.    Linen Brown

Linen Brown is more dark than Steel Grey, it is suitable for the white skin and can make you look great.

4.    Linen White Gold

Linen White Gold is between gold and silver, that is the favorite color for girls with white skin.

5.    Pinky Linen

That is amazing color, looks like brown and red as well.

6.    Chocolate

This color is all-match.

7.    Honey Tea

Honey Tea, the mixture of light brown and blonde.

8.    Sand Gold

Sand Gold, is understated than silver and gold, but fashion.

9.    Magenta Sunset

This hair color is dark than Pink, and very fresh.

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