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Wig, a popular ornamental from earliest times to the present day

Nowadays, wig becomes more and more popular for people to make them be fashionable. But wig is not prevalent in recent years and it appeared very early. Dating back to a long time, people have found the wig on the mummy’s head.

Ancient Egypt, people cut their hair for cool, but always wore the wig for beautiful. In that time, wig always is made of 100% Human hair, Palm leaf fiber or wool. And this kind of wig has lasted for centuries in ancient Egypt.

17 Century, wig became popular for European man and that was related to King Louis France Thirteen, who advocated people to wear wig after he lost his hair . At that time, the wig was big and heavy, and usually with white powder.

18 Century, the judge and lawyer in England began wearing the wig to appear in court. And it is still was.

Today, wig is not longer big and heavy, which is always made of 100%Human Hair, Virgin Hair and Synthetic Hair. Furthermore, it is not only easy to wear and comfortable for people, but also can make more beautiful hair style. What is the important that it plays the main role in life.

Virgin Hair

100%Human Hair

Synthetic Hair

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